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Accouting services

Monthly accounting service by specialists with higher education and long-time experience according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and legislation valid in Estonia.

Service package contains:

  • booking and documentating economic transactions in accounting registers according to original documents
  • making and submitting tax returns
  • making and submitting turnover tax returns
  • payroll accounting
  • representing the client`s company at the Tax Office and in other organizations if necessary
  • annual report
  • statistical reports (financial indicators, wage)
  • free of charge consultations for solving client`s problems

Possible to buy following extra services:

  • stock accounting
  • personnel accounting
  • financial analysis of company
  • cost-benefit analysis of business projects
  • accounts receivable management
  • preparing payment orders for paying suppliers` invoices
  • making intrastat report

Single services:

  • reconstitution of accounting of previous periods
  • making annual report
  • making internal rules of accounting

Service price:

depends on the size of the document turnover and the complexity of the accounting system. Monthly payment starting at 1000 kroons.

Request personal price quotation.

Translation services

We offer written translations from English into Estonian and from German into Estonian. The translations that we mainly do fall into following categories: economics, medicine, law, psychology, agriculture and fiction.


Translation prices starting at 170 EEK / 11 EUR; 20% VAT will be added to the prices. The price is calculated based on the number of standard translation pages in the translated text. A standard translation page contains 1800 characters with spaces. Normally we translate 4-5 pages per day. The price formation largely depends on the text specificity, translation deadline etc.

In case of short order (outside the ordinary queue, more than 4 or 5 pages per day, at weekends) 50% and in case of technical texts 10% will be added to the price.

Translation price of books is calculated based on author`s quire (40 000 characters with spaces), price upon settlement.

Discounts starting at 10% of gross price are offered to students and regular customers.

Please ask for a quotation!

We issue an invoice with the translated text, private customers have to pay in advance for the translation.

Please make any changes and suggestions necessary not later than a week after getting the translation.

Summaarum OÜ tel. +372 56 489 859 Putke tee 6. 74117 Maardu reg. nr 11342608